Pack Engineering have been a steady provider of process and packaging lines to the industry all over Europe for years. We provide solutions to the pharma, nutraceuticals and cosmetic industry, when the need is production lines or units for Tablet counting-, liquid filling-, automatic placement machines and packaging solutions.

Our focus and main driver in our day-to-day operation of Pack Engineering, is that based on your company’s requirements, development phase and investment profile, we put together machines like LEGO to fit your company’s needs at the given time with options to change the machines as your business and output scales.

On top of that, we believe so much in the stability and quality of our Romaco, CVC and Scanware machines, that we provide you with an unmatched 2 year warranty to ensure you that when you choose Pack Engineering, you will have a rock stable and cost-effective production line at your disposal.

Service & maintenance

To assist you in keeping your production running at all times, and with a minimal amount of cost, we have our own service department for your comfort, when we have installed and configured your machine or production line. We do not only sell you a state of the art production equipment, we ensure that you will run hassle free and with minimum down time, so you can focus on the output.

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Ole Romose Andreasen

Our Founder and CEO Mr. Ole Romose Andreasen have a passionate interest in the technical insights of the production equipment, combined with a deep knowledge of the production packing solution industry. He offer you a profound insight in Tablet counting-, liquid filling-, automatic placement machines and packaging solutions.

Mr. Ole romose Andreasen is your main contact when you want to purchase any new equipment from Pack-Engineering Aps. He will let you in on the “secret trades of the packing solution business” to secure you the best possible end-result. Ole Romose Andreasen has a background as Mechanical Engineer and holds a Diploma in Management, supplied with Lean Administration & Services.

Phone: +45 6070 3876
Email: info@pack-engineering.com


Claus Ewald

Produktionschef · Kosmolet Nilens Jord

“3 years ago Kosmolet contacted Pack-Engineering as they wanted to automate the packing process from 100% manual packing to automatic machine packing. When we wanted to automate, we had 2 particular challenges. One was that we have hundreds of part numbers and variants. This requires a large set up. At the same time, we need a lot of small 17 x 17 boxes for eyeliners etc.

Now we print some of the text directly on the boxes and print labels that we can machine apply to the boxes individually. This gives us a completely different flexibility than before. Especially in relation to especially for products with many variants. In the future, packing staff will have to perform more tasks before and after the machine, and they will no longer have to do most of the manual packing work. Therefore, we expect a decrease in sick leave and a better working environment. At the same time, we also have room to pack other products.

I was 100% sure that we should buy the packaging machine from Pack-Engineering ApS after the first meeting with PE. I still am, because they understand our needs and have analyzed some great solutions. PE is also aware that our changeover process must be good for our employees. In addition, their complete solution is somewhat cheaper than another solution we were considering.”