Can also pack the very small 17 x 17 mm boxes

“In the short term, we expect significant savings after we get the new packaging machine. After this, we expect to be able to continue our growth without hiring more staff.

Previously, we packed all cosmetic products manually and had to throw out many boxes every year. Partly we could not get pre-printed boxes in the exact number we needed, and partly we could not change the text if the authorities changed the requirements for what should be written on the boxes.

When we wanted to automate, we had 2 particular challenges. One was that we have hundreds of part numbers and variants. It requires a big set up. At the same time, we need many small boxes of 17 x 17 for eyeliners etc.

The Pack-Engineering team said from the start that it would be difficult to find a solution for the very small boxes, because it would be complex to fold the boxes up. But Ole still found a solution because he understood how important it was to us and because his focus is always on optimization.

Another challenge was that the top and bottom of the small boxes had to be closed so well that they did not open when the boxes were transported. It also works now, and we can in theory pack all the boxes on the machine.

Now we print some of the text directly on the boxes and print labels that we can stick on the boxes individually. This gives a completely different flexibility than before. Especially in relation to products with many variants.

From now on, the packaging employees will have to solve more tasks before and after the machine, and they will be freed from most of the tedious packaging work. We therefore expect a decrease in sickness absence and a better working environment. At the same time, we also have room to pack as many as 40 item numbers for Matas as well as all cosmetic products for Miild.

I was 100% sure that we should buy the packaging machine from Pack-Engineering ApS after the first meeting with Ole and the team. I still am, because they understand our needs and have analyzed themselves to come up with some good solutions. It feels as if they are part of the company, and Ole in particular is also aware that our transition process must be good for our employees. In addition, their complete solution is somewhat cheaper than another solution we considered.

Claus Ewald, production manager Nilens Jord