With many years of experience serving pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries, CVC Technologies has developed a full range of liquid filling systems designed to meet a variety of applications.

Liquid Filling Machine from CVC Technologies

The CVC 3036-4, designed with an in-line configuration, stands out as a highly versatile liquid filling machine. Its adaptability extends to various bottle sizes, providing a cost-effective solution for diverse production requirements.

Advanced Features for Efficient Liquid Filling

Featuring a diving type filling mechanism, this machine ensures precision as filling nozzles submerge into bottles and rise during the liquid filling process. With four filling stations, it utilizes servo-driven technology for both volumetric pistons and nozzles. The machine’s flexibility allows for easy adjustments to accommodate different product characteristics and bottle shapes, providing various speed settings for liquid filling. Additional features include a drip tray, recipe storage capability, and quick tech mode setup.

Robust Construction and Compliance Standards

Constructed with Type 304 stainless steel for the bin, frame, and enclosure panels, and Type 316L stainless steel for contact parts, the CVC 3036-4 ensures durability. It holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, meeting high-quality standards. The machine includes volumetric pistons with fill volume capacity ranging from 20 ml to 500 ml, shut-off nozzles, liquid buffer/storage tanks, and compliance with 21 CFR PART 11 and OPC UA for data collection. The design also incorporates features like bottle neck holders and a bottle feed screw designed to handle irregularly shaped containers.

2 year warranty for 8 hours daily shifts, from the date of the setting-up in your works. The warranty includes the replacement of all possible faulty parts in the above-mentioned period.

The defective part must be sent back to Pack-Engineering to be examined. The warranty is not valid if modifications have been made without acceptance from Pack-Engineering. 

PEs warranty obligation is subject to the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance Agreement signed by customer.
  • Maintenance according to instructions
  • Maintenance by approved technicians/operators
  • Correct operation and installation
  • Use of approved material.

  • We offer everything from stand-alone packaging machines to complete modular packaging lines.
  • The essence of Pack Engineering is that based on your company’s requirements, development phase and investment profile, we put together machines like LEGO to fit your company’s needs, while giving you the opportunity to grow with our Pack-E Flex solution.
  • Modules on all packing lines, large and small, are all supplied from a single supplier, ensuring your business a cost-effective and reliable packing environment.
  • We advise and put together solutions tailored to your production space. We draw up the solution in CAD to give you a complete line or machine layout. You also get the energy and consumption part of all layouts, so you know exactly what it costs to “operate” the packaging line.

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